With all the activity options young people have to choose from these days, it can be hard to know which ones to go on. Since 1966 Gloddaeth Holidays has built a reputation for putting on first class activity holidays. Here are some of the reasons why we think choosing one of our holidays is a good use of your time and money:

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We promote autonomy and resilience

Glod is a place where young people can discover things about themselves. They can safely venture out, fall off the horse – or more likely off the banana boat – get back up and learn something about what they’re truly capable of in the process. The range of activities on offer – whether that be climbing up a gorge for the first time, or completing the go-kart circuit for the umpteenth time – means that each young person learns to some small measure how to stand by themselves.

We provide a place for young people to belong

Much happens at Glod which the young people latch on to. From the chants and daubs of paint in games like ‘Braveheart’ to the cherished moments of the last night entertainment, each holiday has its own traditions which produce a keen sense of belonging. For some that sense of inclusion may not exist outside of the week, and certainly this sense of stability and belonging explains why many of them choose to return to our holidays year after year.

We give space for them to explore their beliefs

Young people are often so busy that they don’t have time to stop and think through what they believe for themselves. Our holidays are a great place to consider beliefs and values from a Christian perspective without any social pressure to conform, whilst at the same time learning to respect those of differing views.

We strengthen social skills

Rather than spending time watching TV or playing computer games, we seek to strengthen social skills not only in the wholesome games we play, but also as they rub shoulders with young people from schools all across the North and Midlands. These friendships, forged through shared experiences, often last a lifetime and help them navigate the challenges of life. In addition, our hope is that our volunteer leaders provide positive role models for all that come on our camps.

We encourage affirmation

Because of the variety of activities and challenges offered at Glod, young people are empowered to discover and take pride in what makes them unique. Our leaders work hard to bring out the best in each young person, helping them discover new passions and strengths. This affirmation of abilities and value leads to self-confidence that follows them long after the last day of a Glod holiday.