Do you miss following the adventures of Captain Spud? Want to see what he’s been up to?

Each month we have decided to bring you a 20 minute video following the latest adventure Ed Blond and Captain Spud have been on. It will be brilliant fun, include some mind bending clues to solve, and have a short talk exploring the Christian faith. 

When: The first weekend of each month starting Friday October 2nd 2020. That’s a week today! We will email your parents the link on the Friday afternoon for you to watch in your own time, although we encourage you to watch it if possible that weekend so we are all watching it at roughly the same time.

Where: The Adventures of Captain Spud will happen online.

Who: All those in years 5-8.

How much: Completely free.

How to apply: If you click the button below, your parents will need to fill out a ‘google form’ in order to receive the video link when it goes live each month. Encourage your friends from school to apply too.