Quotes from Parents

Here are some comments we have had from parents after they sent their children on Glod.

"An enormous heartfelt thank you to you for ALL you do! My children have returned from Glod absolutely buzzing. They have not stopped talking about the wonderful games, activities, discussions and friendships that they have experienced whilst with you all."
Year 5 Parent
"We are extremely grateful to all involved in making my daughter’s time at Glod so special and memorable. Thank you so much!"
Year 6 Parent
"My son and his friend talked non-stop for an hour in the car about the fantastic things they had done and the amazing time they had had."
Year 7 Parent
"Like last year, the first thing she said when she got off the train was "the best time of my life". She enjoyed every minute of it, made new friends and felt very happy with all members of staff."
Year 8 Parent
"It never fails to amaze me that I can take my son to a place that he does not know, to a group of people that he does not know, to do something that he has never done before and he always comes back and tells me he has had the best time ever. The ability you have to enable him to engage with his peers and to access new experiences in a way that feels good for him is something I wish we could bottle. I have to say it is the only time it ever happens with so much success and so little fall out."
Year 9 Parent
"Just wanted to send you a quick note to say a huge thank you for giving my son such an amazing holiday. He’s made some lovely friends and loved every second. He has returned so happy and chilled out."
Year 10 Parent
"My daughter went for the first time this summer and had a fantastic time. I can’t recommend it highly enough."
Year 11 Parent
"Once more my children had the most fabulous holiday at Glod. I’m so grateful we found you all those years ago. They were virtually mourning for the people and the place the day after they came back."
Year 12 Parent