Since 1966, Gloddaeth Holidays has been running holidays with Christian teaching and values predominantly for young people from independent schools in the North, the Midlands and Wales. Since 2000, these holidays have been run under the oversight of the Titus Trust. We do this with the support of many independent schools, teachers, parents and volunteers.

What do we do?

We seek to run excellent summer residential holidays in Shropshire (school years 5-8) and North Wales (school years 9-13) where they can:

  • Experience a wide range of activities.
  • Enjoy a great network of friends.
  • Explore the Christian faith. 
Our Easter Revision Week gives pupils studying for GCSEs and A-Levels a structured revision timetable, subject tutorials and time off for fun and relaxation.

During the school year, Glod Staff visit schools all over the region, leading Christian assemblies, taking lessons, helping with extra-curricular clubs and speaking in school chapels. We also offer various other events during the year, such as our annual 6th Form Reunion and Christmas Conference for Students.

What do we value?

Our values are shaped by our Christian convictions. In particular, we seek to be loving, humble, trustworthy, joyful and serving.  For more information about our vision and values, please see the Titus Trust website