Thinking through what to do with your Summer/Easter Holidays? Come to Glod as an Assistant Leader (AL).

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Those who call themselves Christians and are school leavers or undergraduates are welcome to come to Glod as ‘ALs’. Some were involved in Glod at school, but many come for the first time as ALs without knowing anyone (and that soon changes).


ALs come to Glod to:

  • SERVE behind the scenes with practical tasks  
  • LEARN more of the Christian faith with the AL teaching programme.
  • BELONG to a team, making friends with Christians their age.

What's it like?

Who would have thought that cleaning toilets and washing up could be so enjoyable, but it is. It’s something to do with being part of a close-knit team that laughs lots together as the tasks are done. Another memorable aspect to the week is playing fun games with the ALs each evening, as well as doing some of the afternoon activities with the campers.

For many sharing their faith alongside other ALs of their own age including 2-3 hours of Christian teaching a day makes the whole experience life-changing. Come along and find out for yourself. Below is what a day at camp would look like.

Example of a typical AL daily timetable:

7.45 Breakfast & packed lunch prep

8.45 Eat breakfast

9.10 Wash up and prep afternoon drinks and cake

10.00 Morning Christian Meeting with all the campers

10.30 Cleaning bathrooms & hoovering 

11.15 Widegame with all the campers

12.00 Bible talk for ALs and Leaders

12.45 Lunch followed by afternoon activities/free time

5.45 Supper

6.30 Wash up supper/prep hot chocolate

7.25 Evening Christian Meeting with all the campers

8.00 Serve hot chocolate

8.15 AL Bible study followed by prayers

9.45 Organised fun

What AL’s have said… 

 “I enjoyed the Bible teaching, the sport and making friends for life”

   “It is so refreshing every time I come. This week I’ve pressed the reset button.”

   “I didn’t realise how much helpful Christian input you get as an AL”

   “I haven’t had a bad moment”

   “I love Glod to bits”


In boarding schools (not tents).

All Senior Camps happen at St Davids College in Llandudno, North Wales. 

All Inter Camps and Easter Revision Camp happen at Packwood Haugh School in Shropshire.


The dates for ALs are

  • Easter Revision: 1st-7th April 2024
  • Senior A/Inter A: 12th-20th July 2024
  • Senior B/Inter B: 22nd  – 30th July 2024
  • Senior C/Inter C: 1st – 9th August 2024


The fee for ALs is £195, which covers the cost of your full board and lodging for the whole camp. You can pay this in instalments if that helps. If the cost is a problem for you, please contact the office here to find out about our bursary scheme. 

If you’re new to Glod the fee is only £135. 

What next?

To request an AL brochure please email Or if you know you already want to come then click here to fill out our online AL application form and we will be in touch with you ASAP.